Sevanaia Tawake

Principal Research Officer

Timber Utilisation Research Division, Forestry Department, Suva, Fiji
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MBA, BSc Tech Material Processing Eng.
Forest Tech Cert.

After completing the 3 years Forest Tech Certificate, Sevanaia joined the Timber Utilisation Divsion as a Forest Sawmill Guard in 2000. From 2004, he has been the Acting Principal Utilisation Officer, manging the Timber Utilisation Research Division.
Role in the Cocowood Improvement project
Sevanaia is the research partner based in Fiji. He contributes to the project implementation in Fiji and has assisted with the cocowood research undertaken in Samoa.
Sevanaia's main interest in the project is to see that the coconut palm is better utilised. He is especially interested in the stems or logs being used not only for furniture but also for high value mouldings such as flooring.
He is also interested in working with international cocowood enthusiasts.