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This manual describes best practice for producing high-value flooring products from cocowood.

It meets international standards for flooring products and accounts for the recognised, specific local conditions of the Pacific islands.

These guidelines for processing cocowood are an outcome of the ACIAR project 'Improving the value and marketabililty of coconut wood.'

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Part 1 Before you start
  • Acknowledgements
  • Glossary and abbreviations
  • About this manual
  • Managing processing risks
  • Processing cocowood–in brief
Part 2 Cocowood processing
  • Cocowood properties and critical processes
  • Harvesting, sorting and handling logs
  • Saw, sort, protect and stack
  • Stacking cocowood
  • Drying cocowood: Overview
  • Drying method 1: Kiln drying          
  • Drying method 2: Pre-air drying + final kiln dry
  • Drying method 3: Air drying
  • Grading dry cocowood boards
  • Product specification for export markets
  • Machining and sanding
  • Storing and packing dried boards
Part 3 Resources
  • Contacts
  • More information

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Download the complete manual (PDF, 1.48 MB) !warning - large file!
Download Part 1: contents, overview and glossary (PDF, 414 kB)
Download Part 2: cocowood processing guidelines (PDF, 1.4 MB) !warning - large file!
Download Part 3: resources (PDF, 207 kB)
Download separate sections of Part 2: processing guidelines
2d - stacking cocowood (PDF, 429 kB)
2e - drying cocowood (PDF, 254 kB)
2f - grading dry boards (PDF, 354 kB)
2h - machining and sanding (PDF, 95 kB)
2i - storing and packing (PDF, 59 kB)